Mail Catcher

As a design option Daspanel does not come with an outgoing mail (SMTP) server service. We made this choice because of the complexity of maintaining and managing a service of this type that is far beyond the responsibilities of a site developer.

If the site you are hosting at Daspanel needs to send emails to the world we recommend that you use a professional external service such as Mailgun that offers a free sending limit of 10,000 emails / month. You can also use your email account provider, such as Gmail for example.

However, if your site attempts to send an email without using an external service, using the PHP mail () command for example, the message will be captured by Daspanel using the Mail Catcher service and will not be sent to the recipient, no matter what email address you use.

This is useful for:

  • Test the sending of emails during the development of the site.
  • Discover site modules that try to send email without using an external service.
  • Receive Daspanel notifications without the need to set up an external e-mail sending account.

For this service the chosen tool is the MailHog.

Accessing it

In the control panel click the services menu

Daspanel services menu

On the next screen where all avaiable services are listed.

Daspanel services mailcatcher

  1. Click this buttom to open the mail catcher service.

You can directly access the Mail Catcher by opening the url in your browser.

If you modified the DASPANEL_SYS_HOST to an address other than, for example, the control panel URL will be

A new window will open in your browser to enter the login data on the mail catcher.

Mail catcher login

Daspanel mailatcher login

  1. User Name: Is the admin email
  2. Password: Is the UUID of your Daspanel.
  3. Click the login in button.

Login credentials

  • If you have not configured the DASPANEL_SYS_ADMIN variable in the daspanel.env file the admin email is
  • Or, if you have set the DASPANEL_SYS_HOSTNAME but not the DASPANEL_SYS_ADMIN it will be 'admin' + '@' + the value of DASPANEL_SYS_HOSTNAME.
  • The UUID is the value of variable DASPANEL_SYS_UUID in the same file.

Mail catcher interface

After logging into the mail catcher you will see a standard webmail interface, as below:

Daspanel mailcatcher inbox

Every email sent by your sites that does not use an external SMTP server, or any DASPANEL notification will be here. IMPORTANT: these messages are stored in memory, when the containers stop they disappear.

Instance info email

Click on the most recent message with the subject DASPANEL instance c... and in it you will find all the necessary information about how to access the various control panel services:

Daspanel mailcatcher info