Domain Mapping Console

Nowadays there are several tools that help in the development of a website, such as composer (dependency manager for PHP), npm, gulp, bower, yarn, webpack and others. A feature common to all of them is that they are line commands, that is, they have to be run on a Linux console. For this Daspanel offers access to a console on a browser page.

To see the available toolbox of a site go to the Sites module

Daspanel site

  1. Click the fourth bullet to display the domain mapping management area of the chosen site.

The site card will be changed to the domain mapping management area:

Daspanel site mappings tab

  1. Click the MANAGE buttom to go the management page.

On the next page you will see a list of all the existing versions for the site:

Daspanel site mappings list

  1. Click on the Console link which is in area 3 to access it.

If this is the first time you access the console in the current session of your browser, a screen like this will appear to log in:

Daspanel console login

  1. User Name: Is the console user.
  2. Password: Is the console user passord.

  3. Click the login in button.

Login credentials

You can easily obtain login credentials in the *** Console *** section of the Daspanel System->Services Users module using the link below:

After your browser has an authentication token with console access permission, the web page of the console will be displayed:

Daspanel console

The console that was opened runs a linux shell as the daspanel user. Through it can be executed any command available in the engine as long as the user's rights allow.

Default console directory

When the console is accessed by this method (Site Versions) the home directory where you will be is the directory of the selected version.

Other ways to access the console:

A good example of how to use the console is to create a static website using vue-cli.