Edit Domain Mapping

To see the available domain mappings of a site go to the Sites module

Daspanel site versions

  1. Click the fourth bullet to display the domain mapping management area of the chosen site.

The site card will be changed to the domain mapping management management area:

Daspanel site mapping tab

  1. Click the MANAGE buttom to go the management page.

On the next page you will see a list of all the existing domain mappings for the site:

Daspanel site mapping edit

  1. Click the "EDIT" button.

You'll see a new page to edit the domain mapping for the site:

Daspanel site mapping edit page

  1. Site Version: Select the version where to map the domain address.
  2. Domain: domain name.
  3. Host: It is the host or prefix that will be used with the domain to create the URL to access the site. For example: www.

    if you use www as host

    When you put www here Daspanel will automatically also map domain to the same site.

  4. SSL Type: Select the type of SSL certificate to be used with this address

    Valid SSL certificates can only be obtained for valid domains and with Daspanel running on a public IP address available on the internet. SSL certificates can not be obtained for the domain daspanel.site because any address associated with it will always have as IP address

    If you are running Daspanel locally, ie accessing it using the daspanel.site domain, the SSL certificates will always be of the self signed type, regardless of the type selected for the domain mapping.

  5. Edit the domain mapping by clicking the UPDATE DOMAIN MAPPING button.

  6. Or click the left arrow Alt at the top of the screen to return without saving anything.

Once the operation is successfully completed the list of domain mappings is updated:

Daspanel site mapping edit result

Now with the domain mapping that has been edited you can: