Edit Site

Go to the Sites module

Daspanel sites list

  1. Click the "EDIT" button of the site you want edit.

You'll see a new page to edit the site:

Daspanel sites edit

  1. Description: Write an description for the site
  2. Url Prefix: Any name that will be used to form the site access URL, e.x: test1

    For each site created in Daspanel is automatically assigned a unique URL that allows the display of the content of it in your browser. Here is an example:


    • The cizszr02x000m70nzm02dy4f3 segment of the URL matches the unique ID automatically assigned to the site when it was created.

    • And daspanel.site is the name of the host where the control panel is running. This name is usually set using the DASPANEL_HOST variable that you configured in the daspanel.env file.

    If you change the Url Prefix field to test1, for example, the site can be accessed both by the primary as well as by using the custom address as follows:



    Only letters and numbers are allowed in this field.

    The chosen name must be unique, it cannot be in use by another site.

  3. Save the changes by clicking the UPDATE SITE button.

  4. Or click the left arrow Alt at the top of the screen to return without saving anything.

When you change a site, Daspanel automatically notifies the HTTP server and Load Balancer containers to update with the new information.