Here are the links to various tools related to the selected site. Some of these can also be found in other parts of the Daspanel interface, others only here.

To see the available toolbox of a site go to the Sites module

Daspanel site

  1. Click the second bullet to display the toolbox management area of the chosen site.

The site card will be changed to the toolbox management area:

Daspanel site toolbox tab

Click on the tool icon to access it. The tools currently available are:

Tool Purpose Doc
File Manager Web file manager, with file editor and other features. Link
Console Access to linux console (default version) through the browser. It allows to execute programs like PHP composer, NPM, Gulp, Bower, etc. Link
Content Installs content on the site (default version) using ZIP file available on the internet. Link
Versions Manage site versions. Link
Domain Mappings Manage site domain mappings. Link
Server Commands related to Daspanel engines.

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