Delete Version

To see the available versions of a site go to the Sites module

Daspanel site versions

  1. Click the third bullet to display the version management area of the chosen site.

The site card will be changed to the version management area:

Daspanel site versions tab

  1. Click the MANAGE buttom to go the management page.

On the next page you will see a list of all the existing versions for the site:

Daspanel site versions edit

  1. Click the "DELETE" button.

You'll see a new page to delete the choosen version for the site:

Daspanel site versions delete page

  1. You really want to delete this version ?: Choose YES to confirm that the version can be deleted.
  2. Delete the version by clicking the "DELETE" button.

    This command has no return. When you confirm deletion of a version all of its data in Daspanel will be deleted forever. No possibility of recovery.

  3. Or click the left arrow Alt at the top of the screen to return without delete anything

Once the operation is successfully completed the list of versions is updated:

Daspanel site versions delete result