Site using only static HTML/JS


Static websites made only with HTML and Javascript are a good option to have a presence on the internet. They are fast, safe and easy to maintain. And with the modern features of HTML, CSS and the many options available of javascript libraries and frameworks can be as rich of resources as the sites made using PHP, Rails, etc.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an static site in Daspanel and download an initial template form Github.

Quick Start


Open the admin in your browser

Daspanel login

The admin user and your password are the ones you choose when creating your project as instructed here.

Create new site

Go to the Sites module

Daspanel sites

  1. Add new site clicking the + icone in the upper right of the Sites panel to see the page with the options for the new site:

Static new

  1. Write an description for your new site
  2. Choose 'Generic site' as Type
  3. And 'Static' as Engine
  4. Click on the button 'CREATE SITE'

Install initial content

After the site has been created, a screen will be displayed to upload any remote content that is in a ZIP file. For this howto we will use a website template that is in Github.

Static upload

  1. To do the installation place this link in the URL field.
  2. Click the "UPLOAD CONTENT" button.

Because the site has been created now and the ZIP file with the content is publicly accessible, you only have to enter the URL where to get the file.

Template used

The content of the site was created using one of the cool themes of Start Bootstrap. See the full list of their themes by clicking here. Most of them can be used for free.

View the new site

Once the content of the new site has been installed you will see a page like this:

Static preview

  1. Click the "PREVIEW" button and a new window will open in your browser displaying the contents of the active version of the site.

Static content

Now just customize the site for your needs.

Next Steps

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