Site using Wordpress


Wordpress is the most used tool in the world for creating websites and blogs.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Wordpress site in Daspanel.

Quick Start


Open the admin in your browser

Daspanel login

The admin user and your password are the ones you choose when creating your project as instructed here.

Create new site

Go to the Sites module

Daspanel sites

  1. Add new site clicking the "+" icone in the upper right of the Sites panel to see the page with the options for the new site:

Daspanel wordpress new

  1. Description: Write an description for your new site
  2. Type: Choose 'Wordpress' as Type
  3. Engine: And 'PHP 7.0' as Engine
  4. Click on the button 'CREATE SITE'

Install Wordpress

After the site has been created, a screen will be displayed to upload any remote content that is in a ZIP file.

Daspanel wordpress upload

  1. URL: To do the installation place this link in the URL field.
  2. Click the "UPLOAD CONTENT" button.

Because the site has been created now and the ZIP file with the Wordpress is publicly accessible, you only have to enter the URL where to get the file.

Wordpress releases

At the time this document was written the last available version was at 4.7.3. You can check the current version on the downloads page.

View the new site

Once Wordpress is installed you will see a page like this:

Daspanel wordpress preview

  1. Click the "PREVIEW" button and a new window will open in your browser displaying the contents of the active version of the site.

Now just complete the Wordpress setup in the new window that appears in your browser.

Create Wordpress database

Before completing the Wordpress setup you need a MySQL database. Click the link below to find out how to use the Daspanel database management service:

Database manager usage

Finalize Wordpress setup

If you created a database called wordpress, with the user equal to wpuser and the password as SomeGoodPassword setup your Wordpress site database settings like this:

Daspanel wordpress dbsetup

  1. Database Name: The name of the database you created
  2. Username: The database user name you created
  3. Password: The password of the created database user
  4. Database Host: Always equal daspanel-mysql if you are usind Daspanel MySQL container server
  5. Click this button to continue Wordpress install

Next Steps

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